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“Corinne helped me in a very loving and patient way to sort through
my possessions and clear out much unwanted clutter. We rearranged
the things I had, searched for new pieces and turned my home into
the warm and cozy place I had always wanted.”— Sally S.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you helping me organize
my home. It makes me feel that things are much more under control
and I actually enjoy people coming to visit. Also with a second baby
on its way I feel more prepared.” — Annette V.

“Corinne’s organizational skills are superseded only by her versatility.
She has organized my complicated workspace and art studio which
included spatial arranging and styling. In every effort her work is
exacting. Corinne is a creative and diligent professional whom I
value enormously for her contributions to my work, my career,
and my peace of mind.” — Laura C.

“ I cannot thank you enough for helping me get “control” of my garage.
I am now able to fit my car inside. You are very understanding of the
pack rats of the world and have a unique ability to empathize and
yet coax one into action.” — Terry B.



"Courage is grace
under pressure." 
-- Hemmingway



Corinne Donner


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Serving South Florida
Miami/Dade and
Broward county

NapoNAPO Member
National Association of
Professional Organizers


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