Reclaim Your Space  


A cluttered environment can cause you to feel:

• Scattered
• Frustrated
• Anxious
• Stagnant

Reclaiming Your Space can help you to feel:

• Focused
• Motivated
• Calm
• Energized

What is a Professional Organizer?

Professional Organizers apply their skills of organizing to
assist people who do not have the time or ability to create
order in their homes or work spaces. They listen to the
needs of their clients, offer solutions, implement them,
and educate clients on ways to stay organized.


A Professional Organizer will help you:

• Gain Control of your Surroundings
• See the Potential of your Home
• Formulate an Overall Plan
• Stay Focused and Motivated on Project's Goals
• Develop Personalized Systems to Keep you on Track
• Create an Environment that Nurtures your Well-being


"The more you have,
the more you are occupied. The less
you have, the more
free you are."
-- Mother Teresa



Corinne Donner


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Serving South Florida
Miami/Dade and
Broward County.

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Professional Organizers


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